We know getting dentures is not always easy. Let us help you navigate through the process from beginning to end.

We will treat you with respect and dignity, in a calm and relaxed environment. Consultations are always free, and we will NEVER pressure you

‚Äčinto proceeding with any work. Ever. 

Giving you a healthy smile!

Angelo Sokmas DD graduated in 1994 from George Brown College, and opened his first clinic on O'connor drive, The East York Denture Clnic, before moving to his newest location at Victoria Village Denture Clinic and Implant Solutions. He is a proud member of the Denturist Group, and has created more smiles than he can count. He makes patients feel at ease with his calm and cool demeanor, while never taking himself too serious. 

We Have More Than 25 Years of Experience

‚ÄčThe Big Boss

Angelo Sokmas DD